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[dt_fancy_image style=»2″ padding=»20″ lightbox=»true» align=»left» width=»280″ margin_top=»5″ margin_bottom=»10″ margin_left=»0″ margin_right=»30″ media=»» hd_image=»» image=»»]El Periódico, 22 june 2014.[/dt_fancy_image]Today we woke up like an ordinary day but we found an unexpected surprise. Upon arriving at the kiosk to buy a newspaper, on the cover: the COR.

Sternalia is one of the companies that have opted for our wireless lighting system and on Thursday he made his inaugural dinner for the Sopars amb estrelles. A cultural event in the outdoor dining at the Fabra Observatory garden with spectacular views of the city of Barcelona, ​​a guided visit to the museum and observation of Saturn and Jupiter through the telescope of 1,904. With our any doubt is part of the many proposals offered by the city in summer. They held these meetings for 11 years and right now the COR are part of it.

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